We are the manufacturer and the retailer, all under one roof: yours.

You access our unlimited inventory from the comfort of your own home or office. You enter the store as soon as you click your way in. 

It never was meant to be that easy :

  1. Look it up according to the appliance and the brand.
  2. Order, and it’s shipped on the very same day.
  3. Unwrap it, open it as you receive it in record time.
  4. Install it or reach out to us and we’ll proudly have it running in no time.

Dishwasher: When has doing the dishes ever been fun, lately?

Refrigerator: We always keep our cool... and make sure you do, too.

Freezer (just in case we had forgotten about it): We’re there until it all freezes over.

Stove: Let’s get cooking. 

Washing Machine : Laundry is a heavy load enough as it is.

Dryer : Don’t be left out to dry.

Microwave: We’ll all be on the same time-saving wavelength.